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Vegan Justice is a new, all-volunteer nonprofit organization formed in 2021 by members of the former San Diego chapter of Last Chance for Animals. We inform people about animal rights issues and promote a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle. We bring our info booth to street fairs and other events around San Diego County and offer free vegan cookies, literature, and conversation.

Please consider volunteering with us or making a tax-deductible donation so we can keep this positive form of activism going.

Three women standing outside of the Vegan Justice booth
Executive Director talking to man with a rainbow beard approaching the booth
Picture of the cookies wrapped that Vegan Justice hands out. Image text reads "giving away double chocolate cookies".

Hal Brody

Executive Director

Hal Brody is the son of a butcher, and until the age of 43, animal products made up a significant part of most of his meals. Then in 1987 he read John Robin’s “Diet For A New America” and soon after became vegan. Hal began volunteering to do outreach at street fairs with Last Chance For Animals (LCA) San Diego chapter, in 2007. In 2020, after the director moved away, he created a new non-profit–Vegan Justice. Helping others learn how and why to become vegan has been the defining moral commitment of his life. When not working on Vegan Justice issues, Hal can be found hiking in the desert with like-minded travelers.

Leslie Davies

Board Member

At the age of five, Leslie was driving down a country road with her mother when they spotted a cow. As they stopped to enjoy the cow, her mother informed her that this is where we get hamburgers. Leslie was horrified and never ate another hamburger. Unfortunately, she continued to eat meat, just not hamburgers. It wasn’t until she was about 12 when she read a sign that said, “love animals, don’t eat them,” that she decided never to eat another animal.

Kathleen Kastner

Board Member

Kathleen Kastner has been vegan since 2002 and is an advocate for all animals. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition & Cooking with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine and has a vegan cooking channel on YouTube. She is the author of Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss, which combines yoga and veganism for  health and animal liberation. 

Liz Jacobelly


Liz Jacobelly has been vegan since 2010 when she realized the suffering that animals endure to become food. Ever since then she has been doing outreach to educate others about animal cruelty and making vegan choices. She also protests against animal exploitation.

Marco Pelloni

Board Member

Marco Pelloni has worked professionally in the digital marketing space for several years and brings a wealth of knowledge to Vegan Justice setting up systems for the organization to do its best work. He’s worked on multiple efforts for Vegan Justice setting up donation platforms, creating websites, on-site QR code systems, interactive maps, and more.

Upcoming Events

Shot of Newport Avenue in Ocean BEach

OB Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off

Saturday, Jun. 22nd, 2024
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San Diego Pride

Saturday, Jul. 20th, 2024
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Hillcrest Cityfest

Sunday, Aug. 11th, 2024
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